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Has The IRS Sent You A Tax Audit Notification?

Act now to protect your interests if the IRS has notified you of a pending audit or allegations of tax problems. Attorney Allen Schuldenfrei represents clients before the IRS to resolve issues such as arrangement for a payment plan or an offer in compromise.

Tax laws are complicated, and a tax audit can be difficult to respond to appropriately. A professional will be better able to guide you through the audit experience with the least chances of problems developing.

What To Do About Your Audit Letter From The IRS

  • The first step is not to panic. The IRS uses letters to communicate with taxpayers about IRS audits.
  • Secondly, be aware of deadlines for responding to an IRS audit letter. As with most IRS communication, there are deadlines associated with IRS audit letters. You should have time to review the items that are being contested and prepare your response.
  • Thirdly, be aware of the possibility that the letter's questions or issues may be easily resolved. When the IRS selects a return for examination, this does not always suggest that the taxpayer has been made an error or been dishonest. In fact, some examinations result in a refund to the taxpayer or acceptance of the return without change.
  • On the other hand, if there are red flags of concern, these should be addressed promptly and skillfully by a knowledgeable tax attorney. Did you fail to file one or more tax returns? Have you failed to pay back taxes owed? If necessary, lawyer Allen Schuldenfrei can represent you a tax audit with your best interests as guidelines leading to a favorable outcome.

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