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Your Will: What You Need To Know

A will is one of the most important of all legal documents. It is the legal declaration of a person's intentions and desires that he or she directs to be carried out after his or her death.

By making a will, you can:

  • Specify how you want your property distributed after your death
  • Name a personal representative who has the responsibility to collect assets, pay bills and distribute your estate according to the terms of your will
  • Make charitable bequests
  • Nominate someone in whom you have confidence to be a guardian of your minor children

What Will Happen To My Estate If I Die Without A Will?

Leaving the distribution of your assets to chance does not line up with most people's thoughtful priorities. Without a will, the intestate laws of the state of Maryland direct:

  • The order of priority for those individuals to serve as personal representative of the estate
  • Which heirs are entitled to receive the assets of the estate
  • The appointment by the Orphans' Court of a guardian for minor children (in some cases).

What Else Might I Need Besides A Will?

Successful, competent estate planning is more than just the preparation of a will. You may wish to establish trusts to facilitate a smooth transfer of assets after your death. You may also want to give instructions for management of your affairs if you become incapacitated. Powers of attorney can help accomplish this goal. You can also state your medical preferences through an advance health care directive.

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