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Tax Lawyer Negotiating IRS Payment Plans

Dealing with taxes owed and aggressive collection actions by the IRS can be complex or straightforward. Each tax debtor's situation is unique and the best way to discover the right way forward is through a frank, thorough review by an experienced tax law attorney.

I am attorney Allen Schuldenfrei in the Baltimore area, and I am confident I can help you avoid or resolve your tax problems — perhaps through negotiation of a payment plan. Once you and I look over your entire situation together, I will be ready to advise you and guide you through whatever remedy we decide on.

An Alternative To An Offer In Compromise

If you don't qualify for the IRS offer in compromise program, a payment plan may be the way to resolve your problem. Setting up a payment plan with the IRS gives you more time to pay off your tax debts.

Disadvantages Of A Payment Plan

Unfortunately, penalties and interest will continue to be charged on your outstanding balance as you pay the debt off. You are required by law to pay the interest on your tax debt.

Is There Another Solution?

Rest assured that if we work together, I will help you discover and implement the least punitive and most effective solution for your circumstances.

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